Classic Low D Whistle – B Stock


Low D Whistle – B Stock – Various Colours



Classic low D Whistle – B Stock – Various Colours.

Perfect in terms of sound and playability but with some minor blemishes, e.g. a small scratch, inconsistent powder coat.

While we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive, feel free to specify which colour or colours you would prefer and we will oblige if we can.

Perfected over 40 years, the Howard low D whistle is a sonorous and playable Irish whistle that brings out the best in professional musicians and beginners alike.

Played loudly or softly, the Howard low D whistle maintains the quality of its tone and accuracy of its pitch across registers.

Howard low D whistles feature a specially drawn thin brass tube inscribed with tuning line, topped with a robust, silky hand-finished ABS resin mouthpiece.

All whistles come with a protective sheath, a roll of fixing tape, and a Howard logo sticker.

The Howard Low D comes with FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.