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 “If reeds are looked after by a good player, they’ll last a long time. I made reeds in 1980 that are still playing today; I know of 30-year-old reeds that are still as good as when they were made. Some reeds are always on the edge of playability; you get them to play, then the atmospherics change, and they’re unplayable. I don’t see the point of a reed that will only play under certain conditions of temperature and humidity”.

Brian Howard

We are now using newly developed stainless steel staples for the double reeds used in our pipes. The accuracy and repeatability of these staples gives a constantly good performance.

The staples are more expensive to produce and the research and toolmaking was considerable. However for the moment there will be no price increase.

Howard reeds have been developed over more than 30 years. The reed is the heart of the music, no reed and the music is dead. Although Howard reeds are made to play in Howard chanters some of our reed customers play other makes of chanter and find them more than satisfactory.

Hand-made Uilleann Chanter Reed in D

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Brian continues to fashion his durable and high quality uilleann pipe reeds from his workshop in Gibraltar. Please get in touch if you have any enquiries about reeds.

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