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Classic -M3- ‘Balanced’ Low Whistle Head


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  • Upgrade Head to Soft Acoustic Resin * $25.42

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The balanced head is the easiest of the three heads to play and is great for all types of music. It has a small amount of the resonant quality of the reed head and a little of the breathy quality of the Chiff head that isn’t really present on the reed head. If you are just going to get one head we recommend the balanced head especially if you are a beginner.

Howard Whistle Heads are are made from a robust ABS resin. They are easily adjustable for fine-tuning. Comprising mouthpiece, windway, and fipple it is made by injection moulding, removing the variables of a two-piece head. It has good volume-control and a good response to temperature difference.

Each whistle head is individually made, hand polished and checked with a reference head.

Spare whistle heads are an easy an quick way to allow for sharing of whistles without having to clean or worry about hygiene issues.

In case of accidents or misadventure, a replacement whistle head is an economical way of restoring your whistle.

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