Low C Whistles: The Classic Howard Whistle

My second Low whistle from Howard and even better than the first (a Black Low ‘D’). Beautifully rich, round, mellow tone, and by far the easiest low whistles I’ve ever played, and I’ve shelled out for a few whilst trying to find ‘the one’. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will never need another Low whistle unless I was to lose either of the two I own.
It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating, that an experienced musician can get a good tune out of a bad instrument but a novice will struggle. My first Howard (Black Low ‘D’) was my fourth Low whistle. I knew what sound I wanted to make but had never before achieved it. I won’t mention the other brands because I’ve heard virtuoso performances on all three but personally I couldn’t make them work for me and I’m selling them. I am a relative beginner and can get a tune out of anything but it often depends on the temperature, humidity, time of day, how forgiving my Girlfriend is feeling and a hundred other things. My Howard whistles just do what you ask them to and they do it with ease all day long. Transitioning from one octave to the next is effortless, the finger holes are forgiving (Pipers grip far easier to come to terms with than i ever thought possible), the head molding is flawless, doesn’t get wet every five minutes, require clearing or making discordant squawks. The mouthpiece is comfortable, doesn’t taste of alumium, plastic or anything else, and my Girlfriend loves the tone enough for me practice whenever I feel the need.
As for looks? Well all the above is far more important than looks but it has to be said that the Howard whistles are, to my mind at least, aesthetically perfect. They would look just as well at any folk fest, busking in Glastonbury High Street or in the the front row of the Royal Albert Hall. The fit and finish is perfect, the attention to detail second to none, the head molding flawless… need I go on?
Would I recommend one? In a heartbeat. My grandchildren can play mine when I’ve run out of puff… but not before.”

Martin Draper-Google Reviews


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Classic Whistle Heads

The three heads are variations of the classic whistle head sound, a sliding scale from bright and resonant to mellow and breathy.


The reed head is the loudest and most powerful of the three heads. It has a strong resonant reed like quality that is unique in the whistle world. It requires some taming and good breath control. It sounds particularly good on the Low C body.


The balanced head is the easiest of the three heads to play and is great for all types of music. It has a small amount of the resonant quality of the reed head and a little of the breathy quality of the Chiff head that isn’t really present on the reed head. If you are just going to get one head we recommend the balanced head especially if you are a beginner.


The Chiff mouth piece has little of the reedy resonance of the reed head, it is like a balanced head with a breathier quality. The second octave of the Chiff head requires more breath control than the balanced head.

A protective sheath, a roll of fixing tape, and a Howard logo sticker is also included with every whistle.

“Purchased a low-C whistle for my wife recently and we’re amazed at the quality, craftsmanship and sound of the instrument. It not only looks pretty enough to hang on the wall like a piece of art but is so well engineered that it’s a joy to play (even if moving from smaller whistles to this isn’t something you do overnight!). The website contains some great videos about the whistles by real players which are worth checking out and they were really helpful when I called with a question about the mouthpieces. We would recommend their instruments to anyone!”

Martin VogwellGoogle Reviews

“What a great whistle and purchase experience! It was shipped to me from England on a monday and arrived in Alabama USA on wednessday afternoon. It is a lovely whistle balanced and focused, low breath requirements in all octaves and in tune. I have wanted a low C for some time now and am so glad I waited for this one. It has so many possibilities for those special expressions that can only be obtained with a well designed low whistle. The finger stretch is only slightly longer than my low D. I keep thinking of ordering one of his low D’s also. I ordered the nickel plated brass model as I’m an outdoorsy type and find this type finish most durable. Anyone thinking of a low C should truly enjoy this whistle.”

Laurence F-via email

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Howard low whistles are not hard blown nor do they use much air. They move solidly between the two octaves. With practice they can be played loudly or quietly in both octaves without significant changes in pitch.