Uilleann pipe chanter reeds

Developed over 30 years, Howard Uilleann pipe reeds are handmade in Gibraltar by master craftsman Brian Howard

“The reed is the heart of the music – no reed and the music is dead”

Brian Howard

Howard reeds have been developed over more than 30 years by Brian Howard. Durable and high-quality, Brian’s reeds are designed for use in Howard chanters, but can be used in other makes of chanter.

Using newly developed stainless steel staples for the double reeds in our pipes, the accuracy and repeatability of these staples gives a constantly good performance.

The staples are more expensive to produce and the research and toolmaking was considerable. However, for the moment there will be no price increase.

Howard Uilleann chanter reeds are handmade by Brian from his studio in Gibraltar. Contact him using the form below for a price.

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