Whistle Finger Spacing

Low D

The finger spacing on the low D is very reasonable and with practice most people are able to play using the pipers grip.

Low C

The C whistle is a larger stretch than the Low D but compared to other Low Cs it really isn’t too difficult. 

Low Eb

The Low Eb whistle hole spacing is less than the Low D whistle.

Classic Whistle Heads Tone Colours

The three heads are variations of the classic whistle head sound, a sliding scale from bright and resonant to mellow and breathy.


The reed head is the loudest and most powerful of the three heads. It has a strong resonant reed like quality that is unique in the whistle world. It requires some taming and good breath control.


The balanced head is the easiest of the three heads to play and is great for all types of music. It has a small amount of the resonant quality of the reed head and a little of the breathy quality of the Chiff head that isn’t really present on the reed head. If you are just going to get one head we recommend the balanced head especially if you are a beginner.


The Chiff mouth piece has little of the reedy resonance of the reed head, it is like a balanced head with a breathier quality. The second octave of the Chiff head requires more breath control than the balanced head.

Whistle Body Finishes

–Black Diamond Custom –

The Black Diamond classic low D whistle is achieved by hand using a process that reveals not only the gold brass of the body material around the holes but also an area along the body that leaves a kind of diamond formation. The whistle is then highly polished allowing the natural gold of the brass to shine through. The process further contours the holes, compared to the black silk finish, helping the fingers to sit beautifully. The images really don’t do it justice, it looks and feels very special. Each whistle is unique, the images just being examples.

– Black Silk Custom –

The black Silk Whistle has a beautiful polished finish. The super hard wearing powder coated finish is carefully removed by hand from around the finger holes to reveal the gold of the brass body underneath. The gold is not added so will never wear off. This process together with the polishing of the holes contours the holes slightly more than on the standard finished whistles. The photos really don’t do the whistle justice. It looks stunning.

– Black–

The black Whistle has a beautiful matt finish. The super hard wearing powder coated finish is much tougher than paint and can hold up to knocks and will look good for many years to come. The black body contrasts beautifully with the gold of the logo, key and made in Sheffield marks that shine through where the powder coating is removed using a high powered laser. The internal body area is also polished brass adding to the understand elegance of the whistle.

– B-Stock–

B Stock whistles are perfect in terms of sound and playability but will have small cosmetic blemishes on the body of the whistle such as an imperfect area of powder coating.

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