“clearly one of the best Low D whistles on the market regarding price/quality”

Frank Roos-via email

-M3 Whistle Head-

-Increased Dynamics and Expression

-Better Tuning

-Easier To Play Second Octave

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Low D Whistles: The Classic Howard Whistle

Famous for its fat, reedy tone

All our whistles come with FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.

A protective sheath, a roll of fixing tape, and a Howard logo sticker is also included with every whistle.

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Built to last. Enjoyed by musicians all over the world.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it out in the comfort of your own home or at your local folk gathering. Not convinced? We’ll refund you.**

10 Year Warranty

Built to last a lifetime. Your low whistle will be playing music for generations.

Free Shipping Worldwide

We’re all neighbours. Whether you live in Ireland, China, or the USA, we’re pleased to send it out to you for no extra cost.

Howard low whistles are not hard blown nor do they use much air. They move solidly between the two octaves. With practice they can be played loudly or quietly in both octaves without significant changes in pitch.