Low D Whistles: The Classic Howard Whistle


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Classic Whistle Heads

The three heads are variations of the classic whistle head sound, a sliding scale from bright and resonant to mellow and breathy.


The reed head is the loudest and most powerful of the three heads. It has a strong resonant reed like quality that is unique in the whistle world. It requires some taming and good breath control.


The balanced head is the easiest of the three heads to play and is great for all types of music. It has a small amount of the resonant quality of the reed head and a little of the breathy quality of the Chiff head that isn’t really present on the reed head. If you are just going to get one head we recommend the balanced head especially if you are a beginner.


The Chiff mouth piece has little of the reedy resonance of the reed head, it is like a balanced head with a breathier quality. The second octave of the Chiff head requires more breath control than the balanced head.

My new silver plated low D whistle

“I wanted to update my low whistle and went for a silver plated low d from Howard Music. A swift delivery and I love the tone from the thicker, heavier metal.”
Stephen Coleman – Yotpo Reviews

“I have owned a large range of high and low whistles (some being professional hand carved wooden ones) but I have never owned a low whistle of this professional quality for such an incredible price as my Howard Silk Low D. The classic -M3- Balanced head has such a pure tone and has a responsiveness for dynamics unlike I’ve ever played or heard. It takes so little breath (even in the second octave) compared to every other low whistle I’ve played and you get such a pure tone. I loved it so much that I immediately contacted David the maker and he let me buy one of the new Chiffy heads he is about to release. What an awesome whistle. The same whistle with two heads (I’m hoping to get the third “reed” head soon) and the sounds are completely different! The Chiffy head has a haunting breathy sound that is incredible for slow airs. But it does take a little more breath than the Balanced head. So basically you have the possibility of 3 high quality whistles in one. All in all an incredible buy.”

John Stafki – Google Reviews

I recently ordered a Howard low D in nickel with the MK3 head. I inquired about the Chiff head and asked if I could order one pre-release and David kindly obliged. Let me tell you that if you’re looking for a low whistle, you should stop now and just purchase a Howard. Having played several other low Ds, this is by far my favorite and has EVERYTHING I was looking for. Nicely balanced across the octaves, a strong bell note, highly responsive to embellishments, good intonation, diverse tonal abilities. This whistle has it all. About the different heads… I have the -M3- Balanced and the Chiff heads. Between the two, the Balanced is a little more open and the Chiff seems to push back just a little, especially in the upper register. The Chiff head, as the name implies has a bit more Chiff than the Balanced head, but just the right amount. The responsiveness of the instrument doesn’t seem to be impacted by either head – great response with both. I’d say the Chiff head would be great for solo, or whistle and guitar work, while the Balanced head probably cuts a bit more and could stand up in a session. The Chiff head creates an altogether different texture for an already marvelous sounding whistle – it produces a thicker and “creamier” sound. Absolutely gorgeous! Apparently there is a Reed head, which I really want to try once my budget allows! I suspect that one would really carry well in a larger group. Like I said, an absolute fantastic and highly versatile instrument. Get one! You won’t be disappointed. Steven Dockery – Facebook Reviews

A protective sheath and a roll of fixing tape is also included with every whistle.

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Howard low whistles are not hard blown nor do they use much air. They move solidly between the two octaves. With practice they can be played loudly or quietly in both octaves without significant changes in pitch.